Spectacular safari made possible for us!

Dear Yvonne & Esther,
I am writing to thank you both for the absolutely spectacular safari that Go Africa made possible for us! Your fabulous team managed to do the IMPOSSIBLE! As you are well aware, I had booked and completely paid for a 9 day safari a full 10 months ahead of our departure date. All of our lodging, meals, game drives, and a private van and driver were arranged. We had safaried with this same company in 2014 and everything has been great. Then I received an email from them 26 hours before we were to board a plane for Kenya, saying that our safari had been cancelled because they were having some difficulties! I was absolutely dumbfounded. We had other money tied up in this trip which would have been lost also, should we not have been able to make the trip on schedule.

In a very desperate effort to save our safari, I started calling and emailing several other companies. To add fuel to this inferno, the time difference of 7 hours made this all take place after business hours in Kenya! Of course I received few immediate replies. I was so incredibly lucky to have reached both of you! Go Africa was the only company that offered me any hope. What your team did is absolutely unbelievable!!!!! In a matter of about 36 hours, without any notice, you put together the adventure of my lifetime. Not only did you arrange a nearly identical itinerary, but even more incredible, you also secured beautiful handicapped accessible rooms which made all the difference in the the world for my health and comfort. I told you that I was ready to sleep in the van rather than lose the safari but instead because of your Herculean efforts, I felt like royalty! All of this for strangers who had not been previous clients!

Then there was the matter of the private Land Rover and driver! I cannot imagine how we also had the great fortune to be given the most incredible guide in all of Kenya! Leonard was simply phenomenal. His knowledge of the parks, animal behavior, and habitats must simply be envied. He is an incredibly compassionate and caring man who not only assisted me, but made me feel as if my personal disabilities were nothing at all, instead of a major obstacle on our adventure. Certainly not easily done! I will always be grateful to Leonard.... And WE SAW EVERYTHING!!!!!!!!!

Lest I not forget, the bag of welcome gifts and the 3 personal phone calls during our safari, reassuring us that everything was all taken care of, and that all we needed to do was relax and let Leonard show us the best of Africa. You will never know how much that meant after the needless ordeal we had just experienced. The Go Africa team is simply without compare! I would consider no one else to safari with again. I will also recommend your company to everyone I know with the very highest amount of enthusiasm I can convey.

Thank You is not enough to express my gratitude for this experience of a lifetime that you have given me. Your company slogan "We make it possible" is not only inspired but awesomely true!!!!!!!

Very Gratefully,
Moe Mullen
South Carolina, USA