Good Luck, GoAfrica!

Some time has passed since I wrote a testimony regarding GoAfrica. During the past 15 years, I have made some 15 safaris in Kenya, often with my wife, but several times together with groups of students and good friends. I got in contact with GoAfrica about 15 years ago, and I have always used GoAfrica to arrange my safaris and other events in Eastern Africa. At most occasions, they have taken care of my transportations from and to Nairobi, accommodation in Diani Beach as well as safaris in Tanzania. I am also familiar with their voluntary work at the Macobe school and the Children’s Home in Diani.

I must say that the services rendered by the GoAfrica staff is excellent. I am referring to the safari drivers/guides as well as the office staff at the Diani office. I have gone with several guides from Peter on the first safari till Lenny the last time. All of them are driving very carefully, they are observing animals that we never should discover and they know almost everything about the various species, which is a proof on the very good training.

The same is true about the staff in Diani. They have contacts with and knowledge about everything worth to see and do at the coast. This is of course true with the owners, Yvonne and Esther, but includes the other staff members as well. I have understood that GoAfrica will expand their services in Uganda and Tanzania. I wish them good luck in their future activities in these two countries, that per my experiences, offer good alternatives or complements to the Kenya adventures.

Amal 22 of December 2016

Holger Jonasson