Thank you for our trip!

Dear Yvonne,
We are successfuly back at home. All about our flights was ok. Once more time I want to thank you for our trip. Everything was wonderful! The safari was great! We saw a lot of animals and we had a lot of chances. Last year we were in Tanzania, but now I think that Kenya is the best! Exept Ngorongoro, but this place is unique, something special in the world.

I think that in Masai Mara you can have much more chances to see so many animals, than in Serengeti. And Samburu... is so beautiful place!

All our tented camps were very nice, on a strategical place, the service and the food was wonderful. I want just to tell you that we like very much Sarova Panafric, everything there was very good: the service, the food, very clean, a lot of flowers, trees and songs of birds. Just to inform you that in Intercontinental Hotel there are mosquitos in the room and also in the lobby. There they forget to wake up us early in the morning for our flight. We of course had an alarm clock, but we were also order a call from the reception. I think it was the same boy, that wanted not to give us the key for the room. It happens... just to tell you like an information.

Our driver Leonard was a wonderfil guide! We were very happy with him. He is a very good driver; he knows a lot of, very careful, always want to show us as much is possible. Many thanks for the Land Cruiser, it was the better option. Many thanks also for Moreni wing, it was so nice the tent and the camp is fantastique with the waterhole!

We are thinking to come again to see the Great Migration in Masai Mara, like I unterstood the best time is in August. I am thinking, that we can come the next year.

Many thanks Yvonne for the gifts, we like them very much, it was such a nice surprise! Once again thank you so much! You are really professionals!

Best wishes from Bulgaria.

Raya Kancheva Mancheva