Overwhelmed by the scenery

Dear Yvonne,
First of all I would like to express my sincere appreciation to you for all the organization of our wonderful safari. Everything went just perfect! Starting from the much valued welcome gifts (we were wearing the hats and we will in future occasions), to your courtesy air transfer, to the well scheduled safari all the way to your courtesy booking at the luxury Escarpment lodge as a really high end final with wonderful housing and dinner.

The lodges and their staff were all outstanding and exceeded our expectations by far. The tented lodges were both extremely nice and of course one feels like a real adventurer there. At the Rhino Lodge we enjoyed a nice buffet at the chimney and the warm wood oven in the rooms.

We always decided on packed lunch so as to see more on our game drives. And we saw overwhelming things!

This is the moment to point out that our Mara driver "Sammy" was topping all the other impressions by far! Being a Masai and having spent his youth as a shepherd he was so enthusiastic about his job. He is authentic, open minded, and always a pleasant person to be with. And he was so motivated as to propose on an even earlier meeting point to have a better Safari. He drove all the way north to Mara River and all the way south along Sand River at the border. Of course: All the indescribable crossings, five cheetahs hunting gnus, two cheetahs hunting down a rabbit, a zebra surviving being bitten by a crocodile, everyday a leopard, two lions defending their territory against another lion, a lion killing a gnu, and, and, and all the incredible things we saw was also luck and the right season. But not only: Sammy had good communication with all the others, used his binoculars like a spy and was so interested in the wildlife that he became part of nature. And by his modest nature he became part of us. We really had a hard time saying goodbye to him and think already about coming back.

Serengeti and Ngorongoro were very beautiful too and we were overwhelmed by the scenery and distances. Also there we saw amazing scenes with animals. However the drivers in Tanzania are more regulated on sticking to the few roads existing there.

Once more I would like to thank you for everything. Your prompt answers and professional mails convinced us to book with you! And I will be more than glad to promote you for everybody thinking to Go Africa Safari;-)

Yours sincerely

Andy & Nicole from Switzerland