A dream come true for us all

There are so many wonderful things to say about Go Africa Safari and the customer service you will receive. When my friends said they would like to go to Africa, I was on board (again). I used Go Africa Safari in May of 2009 and knew that the trip would once again be wonderful. I contacted Yvonne and even with the time difference she was always very prompt in answering our questions and concerns, and there were many questions! Yvonne even helped us to do a little mission work while we were there. We were able to bring some items to help the Diani Children's Village and The Cluster Foundation. That made the trip even more meaningful.

Once we decided on the area we wanted to visit, it was time to start dreaming of the things we would soon see. We went to the Nairobi area into the Masai Mara and saw animals everywhere. Leonard, our driver, was the best at finding and pointing out the Lions hiding and the Leopard and cub in the tree. We saw a Cheetah and 3 cubs one day and many many babies with the animal families. A dream come true for us all. We were there in March, and there was plenty of water and food in the bush for the animals. We also were blessed with being the first to use the brand new Land Cruise that Go Africa Safari purchased. It was wonderful with big wide windows to peer through, and the top popped up for us to see out of too.

My friends and I are all amputees, with different levels of disabilities, and we had no trouble with any of the camps or getting in and out of the Cruiser. Leonard made sure that everything was good with us each day, and the tented camps that we stayed at catered to our every need. All the equipment we needed was provided, manual wheelchairs and shower chairs, and the rooms had roll in showers so were easily accessible for us. If you asked for something, trust me it was done quickly, even being pushed in the wheelchair from your tent to the dining hall each night. The staff was there to help you and would with a smile, always!

So, do not hesitate to go to Africa. We always felt safe, always felt secure, and always had a smile on our faces! It is a trip that you will never forget and Africa will forever be in your heart!

God Bless
PEACE - LuAnn Kleemeyer