Masai Mara Experience

Hi Yvonne!
Saheel and I wanted to send a message about how wonderful our vacation was :)

I find it hard to articulate the experience we had through Yvonne's company in the Masai Mara. From the moment we landed in Kenya the service was impeccable. We were greeted by a wonderful driver who gave us gift baskets for our upcoming journey and transported us to the airport and went inside to assist us in checking in. From there we took basically a private plane ride to the Masai Mara and were welcomed by Nixon, someone we are now privileged to call our friend.

Nixon is a humble, extremely intelligent, kind, and experienced driver who made our trip as exceptional as it was. His background as a Masai made the trip even more special, as he not only knew the animals and where they would be, but why they were there and what their next move would be. He was right every time. His love for nature and the wild was transparent and you can easily see that he loves his job. We frequently met up with his brother Sami and automatically took a liking to him as well. Sami and Nixon love photography and were so helpful with camera settings and assisting in taking pictures based on who had the best angle.

Nixon showed us everything and was patient with us when we wanted to watch a cheetah "just in case" something happened for 5 hours! We enjoyed his stories and he made us laugh everyday. Nixon managed to show us everything: the big 5, a kill, multiple chases, a baby leopard in a tree, a mom leopard hunting, you name it... we saw it.

Truly such a memorable and wonderful vacation that I would recommend without reservation to anyone and everyone. No other place will measure up. The accommodations were also spectacular. Governors camp, Mara Ngeche, and Mara Explorer were all set up for us by Yvonne and we have never experienced such luxury.

Thanks so much for everything again! We recommend you to everyone!

Tricia and Saheel (Usa)