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A hub for people with paralysis  
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A hub for people with paralysis

The Cluster Foundation is a no-profit organization featured and encouraged by Go Africa Safaris. It is a non-profit organization that inspires people with spinal cord injury to find Hope in seeing the possibilities of leading an active successful life beyond their fears or barriers. Established in 2008, TCF ICE program has grown into a catalyst of hope for SCI persons in Kenya and continues to ‘rally them out of their homes.


A world where people with a spinal cord injury can realize their full potential

Many good reasons to help

The Cluster Foundation (TCF),
a Hub to reignite hope for Spinally Injured People

+700,000 People

Over 700,000 people in Kenya
are battling
Spinal Cord Injures

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80% of the Spinal Cord

Sadly, 80% of the Spinal Cord Injured People in Kenya die within 5 years due to Loneliness, Depression and Inactivity

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at 14 years of age

At 14 years of age Michael woke and realised he could no longer move his legs. Like many spinally injured, he lost Hope until he met TCF

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Get started with
The Cluster Foundation

An annual “Couples Out To Experience” event that will bring together couples afflicted by Spinal Cord Injury to learn or re-learn to do things together, for each other and with love in spite of paralysis. We need your help in order to:

  • 1Support the Outreach Programs
  • 2Purchase Fleet of Modified Vehicles
  • 3Enable Employ Full-time Staff
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