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(*) Photo credits: Ashnil Hotels Ltd, Patty Chang, Laura Weinkam, Yvonne Matiba, Anne Kelland, Paolo Cecchellero, Mait, John Morris, Rich and Emma (Flickr), Graham Dean, Ninara (Flickr), Brian Mc Morrow, Tristan Brown, Mark Ellis, David Sheldrick Wildlife Trust, Wendy Watling, Nick Fraser, Wilderness Lodges Kenya, HawBone, G. Portland, Laura Helsdon, Sam Stearman, Sinthrex (Flickr), Chris D Oakley, Ken Zaremba, Alan Stern, Lucio Andreetto, Serena Hotels, Marcello Damiani, Mike La Barbera, Kevin Mc Bride, Dongyi Liu, Marcos Fernandez Garrido, Mike Needham, Sopa Lodges, Satao Camp, John Scholey, William Butler, Ruaha River Camp, Rufiji River Camp, Drew Weber, Emil Sjöblom, Alex Popovkin, Sonia Beeckmans, Mariella Orso, Pippo Mettone, Daryona, Lukski (Panoramio), serenahotels.com, Rod Waddington (Wikipedia), MweyaLodge.com, Toka5408 (Panoramio), Uganda Lodges Ltd, Duncan Wright (Wikipedia), Hjalmar Gislason (Wikipedia), MahoganySprings.com, Ronald Woan, Frans Peeters, James Berridge, Garrett Ziegler, Jule Lumma, Paul Shaffner, Henrik Bennetsen, Brian Harries, Michael Sale, Aki Sasaki